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October 17th, 2017
Desus and Mero


Television: The television show “Desus and Mero” reaches its one year mark on Viceland.

By Maxen Olvera, Staff Writer

The TV network Viceland airs, comedy, cooking, and documentaries, and the network features a comedic talk show called “Desus and Mero”. “Desus and Mero” is hosted by comedians Desus Nice and The Kid Mero, who have been friends since high school, in the Bronx. They began with a popular podcast called “Desus vs Mero”, on December 18, 2013, which caught Viceland’s attention. The show has become a new form of late night television that viewers should watch every time it’s on.

The show airs every week Monday through Thursday. The two comedians discuss the news and pop culture, topics ranging from the president to the newest viral sensation of the internet. They also interview celebrity guests such as Seth Meyers and Danny McBride. A running gag on the show is that  at the end of every interview the guest ends with a phrase people should live by, which is then highlighted and put in a rainbow.“In life and in the universe, it is always best to keep looking up” Neil Degrasse Tyson said this for his rainbow . This gag is loved by the guests and audience members. Desus and Mero came on the air at a perfect time; in this heated political climate, society needs to have a laugh at current events. They are the perfect partners to reassure people that everything is going to be ok if they can still laugh.

This year, Desus and Mero celebrate their first year anniversary on television. The first episode of the show aired on October 17, 2016. With 172 episodes completing their first season and each one being both politically heated and hilarious, the show stands as one of the funniest talk shows of this year. Their first year was filled with great success and landed appearances on The Tonight Show receiving amazing critical acclaim. Desus and Mero are quickly becoming some of the new faces that represent comedy. Expect many more seasons of comedic gold coming from Desus and Mero.

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