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November 15th, 2017
Fall Sports


RECAP: Poly’s fall sports achieve much this season.

By Guadalupe Meza, Staff Writer

This fall has been a great season for many of Poly’s sports teams. Their rigorous training and practice schedules have helped them get far this season.

Girls’ volleyball had a great season and they were able to make it to the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF). The team has put in a great amount of effort and dedication to get this far. “This year has for sure has been one of Poly’s girls volleyball’s best years, simply because we’re all close and our strong bond helped us battle through pressure and frustration” Fernanda Mendoza (11) said. The team had their first CIF game on Tuesday October 31st against St. Anthony, last year’s CIF champions. “Now we are looking forward to playing in CIF and hopefully grow closer in this experience,” Mendoza said. Despite their best efforts the team lost their first CIF game.

Girls’ tennis had great accomplishments. They ranked number one in their league after having won ten games and succeeded in making it to CIF. The team did great, but unfortunately they lost their second game in playoffs against Burbank.

Boys’ football had quite a challenging season. They played nine games this season and won two games. They unfortunately did not qualify for CIF this year. This has not been their best season, but the team does their best to work together and try their hardest out on the field. They were able to end the season with a win against Canyon Springs on Friday November 3rd.

Girls’ golf ended their season with many achievements. The team made it to CIF and was number one in their league. “We’ve improved as a whole from the beginning to end and we hope to do better next year,” Audrey Hickman (11) said. The girls worked hard and were able to get far.

Both girls’ and boys’ cross country made it far this season. Girls’ cross country also ranked first in their league and made it to CIF. Boys’ cross country tied for third in their league and did not make it to CIF.

There have been many great accomplishments by Poly’s sports team this season, and we hope that they continue to do their best and bring home victory next fall.

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