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November 21st, 2017
Great Shakes


DELECTABLE: Great Shakes has been serving sweet desserts in Riverside for over a year.

By Jacob Ferrall, Editor

The small shop, originating in Palm Springs, has become a popular destination for Riverside residents. Great Shakes delivers high quality milkshakes in a fun and clean environment to anybody in the plaza looking for a treat. The interior of Great Shakes is sure to attract anyone passing by with its bright colors and checkered floor. The unique design gives off an old-fashioned diner feel but with a modern aesthetic. Another thing people immediately notice is the massive assortment of candies laid out across the front counter. Great Shakes is not only home to an extensive menu of shakes and ice-cream floats, but also to other sweets that may be hard to find elsewhere. Great Shakes serves a large selection of king sized familiar candies, and other candies that may not be sugary staples. Another rare item Great Shakes sells is “Dole Whip,” a pineapple soft-serve dessert, which is usually only found in amusement parks.

As for the shakes themselves, there is a great deal of variety. Great Shakes serves traditional shakes you might expect such as oreo, chocolate, and vanilla, but also serves many interesting flavors like s’mores, pistachio, butterscotch, and even cake-shake. The menu contains many concoctions of the base ingredients, with mixtures of fruits and syrups (like caramel or fudge). What exactly makes a Great Shake stand out? A defining characteristic of a Great Shake, is that it is not created by adding milk. Great Shakes’ ice cream is made entirely with dairy from a local farm and blended to just the right texture. Many of the ingredients are made from scratch and there are no artificial flavors. Each finished shake is finally presented deliciously with a homemade donut around the straw.

Beyond the local crowd, Great Shakes has been recognized as a distinguished establishment by many online sources such as Yahoo! and BuzzFeedThe Great Shakes in the plaza frequently has opportunities for students to be hired and gain work experience. The company intends on expanding throughout Southern California and expanding job positions. 

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