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January 29th, 2018
Hollywood After the Globes


AWARD: This year’s Golden Globes was memorable in making history for women. 

By Maxen Olvera, Staff Writer

The 75th Golden Globes aired on January 7, 2018 hosted by Seth Meyers. All of the celebrity guests took part in the “Me Too” movement by wearing all black and a “Time’s Up” pin. This is revolutionary for Hollywood; after what was uncovered about Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood has changed for the better. Nearly every day for an entire month, a new claim was revealed against a sexual aggressor from famous actors like Kevin Spacey to famous comedians like Louis C.K. This turned Hollywood in the right direction and it also helped many other women across the U.S speak up against sexual harassment and assault. The host of the Globes had to comment because this show was the first time Hollywood was united for an award ceremony since the Weinstein scandal. Meyers opened with “good evening ladies and remaining gentleman.” He also joked that male nominees won’t need to be scared when their names were called. The most risky joke he told was “Harvey Weinstein is not here tonight. Don’t worry he’ll be back in 20 years when he’s the first person booed in the In Memoriam.” This joke demonstrated that Hollywood must look down on people like Weinstein. 

The Golden Globes also had awards to give out and each award was well deserved. One award that was rightfully won was for Best Director. Guillermo Del Toro won the award for directing The Shape of WaterWhen he won the award, he felt a rush of pride and joy. In his speech, Toro said “It’s taken 25 years, give me a minute!” Another award that was justified was the award for Best Actor in drama television series. Sterling K. Brown won that award, for his inspiring role in This Is Us, proving he was the best actor of the year.

However, some movies deserved awards but didn’t receive any. An example of this is Get Out, which did not win any awards it was nominated for. This was a huge disappointment, as Get Out was arguably one of the greatest films of the year because it gave us a reflection of what our society has become through extreme emotion and suspense.

The Golden Globes of 2018 shed light on dark moments that occurred in recent months and changed Hollywood forever. The ceremony allowed celebrities to have their voices heard, demonstrating that Hollywood isn’t completely ruined. Hopefully, Hollywood continues to tell the truth and change with the times.

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