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November 28th, 2017
Raising Cane’s


CANE’S: Crispy chicken fingers, caramelized Texas toast, crinkle-cut fries, creamy Cane’s sauce, and crunchy coleslaw… now that’s a recipe for success.

By Jack Weggeland, Editor

The deliciously simple menu of Raising Cane’s has made its way to Riverside, California on Magnolia Ave. Raising Cane’s maniacs —also know as “caniacs”— from around the area have awaited the restaurant’s arrival but waited even longer for the lines. With its debut on October 31, Cane’s officials reported that near 150 customers lined outside the front doors prior to opening. The restaurant’s first customer waited in line for 27 hours, arriving at 6 a.m. on October 30th, to receive free chicken for a year. In addition to the line extending outside the doors, an average of 55 cars patiently waited in the drive-thru, the entire day. So yes, I guess you could say there was some hype around Raising Cane’s. “Having a Cane’s come to Riverside is a dream for me and my friends,” Henry Krieger (12) said. Now, over two weeks after the restaurant’s opening, a line continues to stretch out Cane’s front doors. Don’t you fear; the restaurant’s line moves fast but the chefs fry chicken faster. “In my opinion Cane’s is the future,” Josh Holz (12) stated. “It is the most efficient fast food restaurant there is,” he added. Pretty accurate when you crunch the numbers: in the first two hours of opening day, more than 2,500 chicken fingers were fried and over 500 slices of Texas toast were grilled. 

If you want to see if Cane’s is worth all the hype, head over yourself and grab the 3 Finger or Caniac Combo—order extra Texas toast.

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