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UPDATE: Boys’ volleyball continues to work hard throughout their season. By Kayla Iles, Staff...

LEGEND: Kobe Bryant bids farewell to a successful career. By Jack Weggeland, Staff Writer...

PREVIEW: Poly’s baseball and softball teams gear up for the new season ahead. By...


  • ENSEMBLE: Poly’s Chamber Singers place third in their singing competition in Seattle, Washington. By Natalie Apostol, Staff Writer In early April, most Riverside Unified School District (RUSD) students anticipated spring break and a temporary getaway from their studies. But as break quickly approached, Chamber Singers, Poly’s elite, audition-only choir, were eager to board their flight …Click Here to Continue Reading

  • BUSINESS: Select students collaborate to  learn how to make wise decisions out in the business world. By Caroline Iglesias, Staff Writer The 2016 Mayor’s Entrepreneurship Challenge Bootcamp took place at SolarMax Technology here in Riverside, California.  The event was put together by Riverside’s very own Mayor Rusty Bailey and The Achievement Academy, facilitators of California …Click Here to Continue Reading

  • ART: AP Studio Art emerges as a new opportunity for young artists at Poly. By Dyala Harb, Staff Writer Advanced Placement (AP) Studio Art is the very first art portfolio class that will be offered at Poly. The class will be taught by Mrs. Elizabeth Morrow and emerged in an effort to expand the art …Click Here to Continue Reading

  • LAW: Poly High School’s mock trial secured their fifth title in six years at the Riverside County Mock Trial Competition and finished in sixth place at the California State Mock Trial Finals. By Natalie Apostol, Staff Writer Poly High School is known for housing bright, hard-working students, many of whom are on the school’s mock …Click Here to Continue Reading

  • VALENTINE: Poly’s choir groups performed in a special Valentine’s Day concert featuring UCR Chamber Singers. By Himadri Ratnayake, Staff Writer Throughout the year, electives such as choir, Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID), and theatre arrange “holiday grams” that usually come with a special message or candy. Holidays such as Halloween and St. Valentine’s Day are …Click Here to Continue Reading

  • PREVENTION: The CDC conducts a study to prevent more of the mounting suicides in the Palo Alto area.   By Emma Carson, Staff Writer On February 16, 2016, news sources everywhere touched on an interesting yet underrated topic: teen suicides in the northern California region of Palo Alto. In the past seven years, there has …Click Here to Continue Reading

  • Girl Power

    March 1st, 2016
    Girl Power

    EXPERIENCE: The “Inspire her Mind” event promotes STEM awareness and leadership development for high school girls. By Kate Santoso, Staff Writer The “Inspire her Mind” event targets sophomore high school students who have the potential for leadership and recognize the importance of Science, Technology Engineering, and Math (STEM) as part of their future success. Dr. …Click Here to Continue Reading

  • THEATER: Poly Theater Arts presents their new play, The Three Musketeers—a unique adaptation of the well-known story. By Dyala Harb, Staff Writer On  January 29, 2016, Poly Theater Arts showed their first performance of the play to a large audience. The play is an adaptation of Alexandre Dumas’ original novel of the same title, written …Click Here to Continue Reading

  • EDUCATION: On his way out, former LAUSD Superintendent, Ramon C. Cortines, defended his decisions and expressed his thoughts about the push to maximize opportunities in non-traditional school settings. By Matt Kaye, Editor The state of K-12 education is a concern shared by almost every community in the United States. Every family wants its children to …Click Here to Continue Reading

  • REVAMP: The College Board made many changes to the SAT which will become effective during March 2016. By Ashley Gore, Editor Just about every college-bound student will be forced to eventually face what many consider the most daunting aspect of the application process: the standardized admissions test. While there are two widely known and accepted …Click Here to Continue Reading

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  • Time to Harmonize

    April 29th, 2016
    Time to Harmonize

    BAND: Poly’s band program gives students a chance to bond over the universal language of music. By Chloe Vega, Staff Writer Mr. Mooring’s band program offers students a chance to hone and display their creative music skills. This elective...

  • Crank It Up

    April 26th, 2016
    Crank It Up

    MUST READ: When it comes to drug abuse, Crank packs more punch than an after-school special. By Martin Perina, Staff Writer Fear no more, earnest teenager. Finally, I found a book that we can all enjoy: Crank. Crank is a...

  • Going Rogue for Rogue One

    April 25th, 2016
    Going Rogue for Rogue One

    ROGUE ONE: The release of the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story trailer on April 7 kicks off the new Star Wars anthology film series.  By Emma Carson, Staff Writer In early December of last year, movie production company...

  • NCAA: The EA Sports company has begun to pay former NCAA football athletes. By Andrew Carlson, Staff Writer Three years ago, EA (Electronic Arts) Sports, a major sports video game franchise, ran into complications regarding its popular National Collegiate...

  • MEDIA: The first season of FX’s new series breached one of the most sensational criminal trials of modern America, exposing the media’s role in dividing and in neglecting the shattered lives of the double murder. By Matt Kaye, Editor...

  • REVIEW: With the addition of impressive visuals, The Jungle Book recreates the magic of the original Disney movie. By Franklin Racobs, Staff Writer The Jungle Book is the live-action retelling of the 1967 Disney animated classic. It is directed...

  • MUSICAL: A year after the release of Hamilton, the musical theater world has gone crazy over this innovative performance. By Emma Carson, Staff Writer In 2009, Lin-Manuel Miranda presented a song from his newest musical project to the president...

  • GILMORE: The television show Gilmore Girls will make its Netflix debut through four mini-movies. By Himadri Ratnayake, Staff Writer             Ever since the television show Gilmore Girls launched in 2000 on the Warner Bros. channel, fans were instantly hooked on...

  • A Claustrophobic Shocker

    March 30th, 2016
    A Claustrophobic Shocker

    REVIEW: 10 Cloverfield Lane delivers as a thriller shrouded in questions. By Franklin Racobs, Staff Writer 10 Cloverfield Lane, directed by Dan Trachtenberg and starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, John Goodman, and John Gallagher Jr., tells the story of Michelle...

  • iPhone S(ize) E(ase)

    March 30th, 2016
    iPhone S(ize) E(ase)

    RELEASE: Apple announces the new, cheaper iPhone SE. By Michelle Boulos, Staff Writer The world has watched the tech giant Apple upgrade the iPhone year after year for the past decade: upgrades in software, size, hardware, and technology have...

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