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CHAMPIONS: Girls’ golf goes undefeated in league, and four players qualify for CIF. By...

CONSISTENCY: Poly’s varsity football team adds another victory to their undefeated season. By Scott...

WOKOUT: Preseason practices begin for the boys’ track team. By Franklin Racobs, Staff Writer...


  • DEVELOPMENT: Riverside residents voted “No” on the new measure for re-zoning the La Sierra Property. By Emily Hughes, Staff Writer Riverside is well-known for the parks, hills and historical landmarks that are scattered across the city. Among these landmarks are the La Sierra Hills and La Sierra Lands, which together form the La Sierra Property. …Click Here to Continue Reading

  • November 14th, 2014
    Renaissance returns

    REJUVENATION: After a year off, Poly Renaissance makes a comeback. By Martina Krakora, Staff Writer Renaissance, a student recognition group on campus, began under Poly’s previous Activities Advisor Mr. Michael Breyer in 2011. It became famous for its birthday cards and cut-outs of hearts, shamrocks, bear paws or graduation caps with students’ names on them, …Click Here to Continue Reading

  • By Emily Hughes, Staff Writer Poly students now have the opportunity to join the National Honor Society (N.H.S.), a prestigious organization that recognizes students who have good leadership, service, scholarship and character qualities.  N.H.S. is a well-known and well-respected scholarship program that has awarded more than 10 million dollars worth of scholarship money since 1946. …Click Here to Continue Reading

  • DISCIPLINE: Students face stricter enforcement of newly and formerly established school policies. By Matt Kaye, News Editor On top of the year’s new events, the enforcement of school policies increased, catching student attention and bringing forth student response. As part of a comprehensive review of the school’s policies, Principal Dr. Michael Roe, in his first full …Click Here to Continue Reading

  • BENEFITS: Poly’s new sports facilities provide external and economical rewards. By Timothy Chen, Sports Editor A Measure B bond granted back in 2001 provided Arlington, Ramona, North and Poly High School with $44 million for school construction projects. Poly received $13.7 million of that grant; $7.3 million was allotted to the aquatics center and the …Click Here to Continue Reading

  • VIRUS: Recent outbreaks of the rare Enterovirus DV68 in the U.S. pose a threat to student health. By Matt Saenz, Staff Writer The concept of maintaining good personal health and hygiene is not a new one; for decades, phrases such as “wash your hands” were commonplace. In the past few months, these phrases have become …Click Here to Continue Reading

  • MEDICINE: Pending ballot measure Proposition 46 challenges the way healthcare is conducted in California. By Matthew Saenz, Staff Writer Healthcare recently became a hot topic within various organized groups—from political parties to medical associations. Issues regarding healthcare came to a head in California with Proposition 46, which will be voted on on November 4, 2014. …Click Here to Continue Reading

  • CONTROVERSY: A Riverside Unified School District committee voted to remove “The Fault in Our Stars” from a middle school library, evoking national interest. By Emily Hughes, Staff Writer Recently, John Green’s famous young adult novel, “The Fault in Our Stars,” was removed from a Riverside Unified School District (RUSD) middle school library. The incident was featured on …Click Here to Continue Reading

  • PARTICIPATION: The Student Advisory Meeting encourages Poly students to participate in homecoming activities and keep the campus clean. By Martina Krakora, Staff Writer Last year Principal Dr. Michael Roe created the student advisory, a leadership group on campus consisting of individuals elected by their fourth period classmates, in order to encourage student involvement. The group …Click Here to Continue Reading

  • PROGRESS: California is on track to construct the first high-speed rail system in the nation. By Brendan Brown, Staff Writer Today the average plane ticket for a nonstop flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco is approximately $210. Driving the same distance would cost about $50 but would take at least six hours on a …Click Here to Continue Reading

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  • Established 1989

    November 14th, 2014
    Established 1989

    CHANGE: Taylor Swift returns to music with her first pop record. By Michelle Boulos, Staff Writer We had it all wrong. Taylor Swift’s hit single “We Are Never Getting Back Together” wasn’t about another ex- boyfriend; it was a...

  • Paying to Pay

    November 14th, 2014
    Paying to Pay

    PAYMENTS: Apple introduces their own version of virtual payment. By Joey Vangsness, Staff Writer With the rollout of the newest generation of iPhones and iPads, Apple also introduced Apple Pay. The idea of Apple Pay is a familiar one:...

  • Coming Home; A Visual

    November 13th, 2014
    Coming Home; A Visual

  • The Distorted Dead

    October 28th, 2014
    The Distorted Dead

    ENTERTAINMENT: Straying from the comic book series, the writers of The Walking Dead are creating their own story. By Miguel Toner, Staff Writer With the premiere of season five of The Walking Dead, die-hard fans cannot help but notice some...

  • Generation YouTube

    October 9th, 2014
    Generation YouTube

    TECHNOLOGY: Members of Generation Y create an entirely new job market through YouTube. By Antonio Serros, Diversions Editor Nestled somewhere between grandparents and babies lies not a lost generation but a generation lost to technology. Once dubbed “the next...

  • Not Your Basic Cup

    October 9th, 2014
    Not Your Basic Cup

    COFFEE: Local coffee shop provides an alternative source of caffeine for students. By Joey Vangsness, Staff Writer As more and more people look for cute and quirky places to Instagram their food, specialty “Third Wave” coffee shops give them...

  • GAMING: League of Legends gains popularity at a staggering speed in the online gaming community. By Miguel Toner, Staff Writer I was first introduced to League of Legends by Riot Gaming through my good friend Tyler. At first I...

  • GAMING: With new features, the Nintendo 3DS will provide a better hand-held gaming experience. By Miguel Toner, Staff Writer With Nintendo’s announcement of the new version of the Nintendo 3DS, gamers can only wonder: What’s new? Improved graphics or an enhanced...

  • A Week Makes a Year

    September 18th, 2014
    A Week Makes a Year

    FASHION: Although Fashion Week may seem insignificant to the average person, it actually has a great impact on society. By Michelle Boulos, Staff Writer Across the world, high-end designers frantically check up on their picturesque models and awe-worthy clothing. Yes,...

  • Joan Bids Adieu to Her Throne

    September 17th, 2014
    Joan Bids Adieu to Her Throne

    DEATH: Controversial comedienne Joan Rivers passes away at age 81, leaving the world polarized. by Antonio Serros, Diversions Editor The Watergate and Monica Lewinsky scandals may be just as old as her (although thanks to the miracle of plastic...

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