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Sports Updates
Boys Tennis
March 13: Poly 16 Rancho Verde 2
Girls Swimming
March 13: Poly 125 Valley View 47
Boys Swimming
March 13: Poly 92 Valley View 78
Boys Golf
March 13: Poly 197 North 261
Boys Golf
March 12: Poly 201 Chaparral 199
Boys Tennis
March 12: Poly 17 Yucaipa 1
March 12: Poly 6 Redlands Citrus Valley 4
Boys Golf
March 11: Poly 202 Canyon Springs 202
Boys Tennis
March 11: Poly 18 Canyon Springs 0
Boys Tennis
March 10: Poly 11 Corona 7
March 10: Poly 6 Desert Christian Academy 4
March 7: Poly 1 Santiago 2
March 7: Poly 11 Lake Elsinore Lakeside 4
March 6: Poly 6 Chaparral 0
March 6: Poly 4 Yucaipa 2
Boys Tennis
March 5: Poly 14 Norco 4
March 4: Poly 8 Kaiser 1
March 4: Poly 4 Temescal Canyon 1
Girls Water Polo
March 1: Poly 15 Downey Warren 10
Boys Tennis
February 27: Poly 16 Ramona 2


DEDICATION: Lawrence O’Hara leads the Poly track team with his intense commitment and skill....

NHL: Teams make blockbuster trades in their final preparations for the playoffs. By Jared...

Girls’ Water Polo: Your star-packed water polo squad came back strong after a disappointing...


  • By Matt Kaye, Staff Writer Four Poly students competed in the History Day competition at the county level. After advancing from the RUSD district competition, these four Poly competitors succeeded again at the Riverside County competition. Tina Velez (11) wrote a historical paper on the “Government Debacle at the Stringfellow Acid Pits,” and won the …Click Here to Continue Reading

  • REALITY: Poly seniors reflect on the terrible dangers that negligent driving poses through the Every Fifteen Minutes program. By Matt Kaye, Staff Writer Driving is one of the rights of passage that many high school students undergo as they continue down the path towards graduating. The risk behind driving is no disputed fact. According to …Click Here to Continue Reading

  • LOCAL: The Annual Dickens Festival grows with more events and increased community involvement. By Matt Kaye, Staff Writer Riverside is known for its history. Families continue their legacies in the city, and architectural remnants preserve the rich history of Riverside as an example of California’s growth. While Riverside continues to grow, the city’s past reappears …Click Here to Continue Reading

  • By Matt Kaye, Staff Writer Poly students competed very well at this year’s Science and Engineering Fair on February 11, where they faced students from other high schools and districts. Poly took 10 of the 27 available gold, silver, and bronze medals in various categories of specific scientific fields. In the Applied Mechanics and Engineering as …Click Here to Continue Reading

  • PROTECTION: In response to numerous accounts of illegal activity in Riverside parks, city officials may hire armed guards to patrol parks. By John Burke, News Editor Councilman Steve Adams announced the proposal to hire armed guards on January 29. The city plans to discuss and vote on the proposal after hearing offers from private security …Click Here to Continue Reading

  • ACTIVITIES: Poly’s newest club, Society of Animal Appreciators, adds to student interest in animal well-being. By Matt Kaye, Staff Writer Animals have long been the topic of a variety of discussions at Poly, from the history of the school mascot to student consciousness about the protection of animals in the community. In the past, the …Click Here to Continue Reading

  • By Matt Kaye, Staff Writer For the Class of 2014 Commencement Ceremony, students will have the opportunity to show off their talents in front of this year’s graduates and their families. Auditions for senior performances will be held on April 29 and April 30 for any interested vocalists, musicians and dancers. Students will be able …Click Here to Continue Reading

  • TRANSITION: Poly moves to a completely online application process for Advanced Placement testing to improve organization and accountability. By Matt Kaye, Staff Writer As the school year moves past the halfway point, teachers and students prepare for another testing season. The second semester brings students and teachers face-to-face with not only difficult material, but also …Click Here to Continue Reading

  • Last week students voted online about whether Varsity Letters should be awarded for academic achievements and for participation in school activities and clubs. Of the 492 students that voted on academic letters, 47.15% voted yes for academic letters based on GPA, 18.5% voted yes for academic letters based on class ranking, 19.31% voted no for academic …Click Here to Continue Reading

  • EDUCATION: Dr. Michael Roe holds a PTSA meeting addressing concerns about the new Common Core. By Tim Chen, Staff Writer Poly’s curriculum is transitioning to the Common Core, a new teaching standard centered around real-world application and reflection of knowledge. During this change, parents have expressed concerns regarding the new policy. To educate the parents …Click Here to Continue Reading

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  • Apple Strikes Back

    March 24th, 2014
    Apple Strikes Back

    MUSIC: Apple is pressuring record labels to release their albums exclusively to iTunes. Is Apple going too far? By Jonathan Whang, Staff Writer When Beyoncé released her self-titled album without warning in December of last year, the world was ecstatic....

  • Cosmos Take Two

    March 24th, 2014
    Cosmos Take Two

    REBIRTH: Neil deGrasse Tyson presents a follow up series to the 1980 television show Cosmos: A Personal Voyage. By Ruthie Farrell, Staff Writer Carl Sagan’s Cosmos: A Personal Voyage first aired in 1980. He endeavored to create a presentation that explored the...

  • CULTURE: Cultural appropriation becomes more and more prevalent in pop culture, but what exactly is the issue? By Antonio Serros, Staff Writer Take a trip to a now-technicolor Memphis, Egypt “a crazy long time ago” with Katy Perry. In...

  • TREND: Tattoo artists test their limits by exploring new styles of body modification. By Ruthie Farrell, Staff Writer Over the past few years, tattoos have taken long strides of progress in our society. What used to be considered taboo...

  • From Sadness to Sunshine

    March 12th, 2014
    From Sadness to Sunshine

    MUSIC: The Fray releases an uncharacteristically peppy album. By Jonathan Whang, Staff Writer Number one rock band The Fray is back with Helios, their fourth studio album. The band began recording in June of last year, and the album...

  • REMAKES: Hollywood pulls ideas from the same bag. By Cole Nelson, Diversions Editor Last year—November to be more precise—I addressed the issue of contemporary movies and their most common cinematic outlet: the extensive (and fairly overdone) blockbuster. I stated...

  • Build It and They Will Come

    March 10th, 2014
    Build It and They Will Come

    BUILD: The Lego Movie is a treat for viewers of all ages. By Stephen Park, Staff Writer The Lego Movie is a true gem, a diamond in the rough. No matter what your perception is, go and see this movie;...

  • MUSIC: Upcoming artist Sam Smith astounds with his diverse music. By Jonathan Whang, Staff Writer The next big artist is here, and he’s innovating music as we know it, combining a variety of genres to create some interesting songs....

  • We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

    February 21st, 2014
    We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

    DISILLUSIONMENT: Adult life might not be as decadent as Rich Kids of Beverly Hills’  Dorothy Wang makes it seem. By Antonio Serros, Staff Writer In E! Network’s new reality television series, Dorothy struts down a yellow-brick-road-turned-Rodeo-Drive, finding her amiable forest friends...

  • Copy-ccino

    February 21st, 2014

    MOCKERY: A new parody café attempts to incorporate Starbucks’ protected trademark into its brand. By Ruthie Farrell, Staff Writer TV personality Nathan Fielder is the cunning “mastermind” behind the mock coffee joint “Dumb Starbucks,” which opened last weekend in...

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